Dairy Effluent Failsafe


  • Monitors the irrigator speed and pipe pressure at the irrigator NOT back at the pump where the long pipelines make that method unreliable.
  • Allows you to start and stop the effluent pump from your phone.
  • Records the GPS location for proof of placement.
  • Custom exclusion zones can be setup to stop/prevent irrigation in specific areas on site that don’t require or aren’t allowed irrigation i.e. a stream onsite or drain in/near an irrigated paddock.
  • Shuts off the effluent pump under the following conditions and notify you by text message or voice
  1. Irrigator is travelling so slow that the permitted application rate will be exceeded
  2. The irrigator stops moving due to getting stuck
  3. The irrigator stops because the pull line has become disconnected
  4. The irrigator stops because the feed hose is blocked e.g. kinked or pipeline blockage
  5. The pressure drops due to hose disconnection
  6. The pressure drops and/or the speed is too slow due to a leak e.g. bad hydrant connection
  • This monitor can prevent you from having an effluent spill and subsequent fine (and risk getting your name in the news).

Our technical support team of ten staff can remotely diagnose most problems and make adjustments to settings at no additional cost.

The monitor can be fitted to any effluent irrigator (gun type or traditional spinning arm).

It has two solar panels so the battery will be charged no matter what direction the irrigator is facing.

The solar panels are oversized so they still keep charging even when dirty but on some irrigators they will get so caked with dried effluent that they will occasionally need a quick scrape with a piece of hard plastic.

The monitor reports the battery status and text or email alarms can be sent if the battery drops too low.

The monitor can optionally report end of run.