ITU Mini

The Harvest ITU Mini is a low power solar data logger with a built in cell phone modem and a range of inputs for various hardwired monitoring options.
The Mini uses the same stainless steel case, solar panel and battery as the ITU G2 but does not have relay outputs. It has four analog and four digital inputs (compared to the ITU G2 which has eight).
All data is visible via the Harvest live data portal.

Key Features

  • Harvest designed logger with integrated modem (cellular or satellite)
  • Range of input types for varying sensor and output types
  • Now features optional UHF for wireless remotes
  • Global SIM card and dual band Harvest cellular antenna for automatic network switching
  • Durable stainless steel weather proof enclosure
  • Solar or mains powered with backup battery
  • SD Card for huge backup log storage

Technical Specifications

  • Built in solar regulator for 18V panels, able to be mains powered
  • Four analog inputs with ranges of 2V, 10V, 40V, or 4-20mA
  • Four digital inputs with counting capability

  • SDI-12 port
  • Two software configurable excitation outputs; one with boosted voltage
  • Dallas 1-wire bus inputs for Harvest temp, humidity and barometric pressure sensors
  • Dedicated input for mechanical wind sensors
  • Support for multiple cellular and satellite modem modules with built-in GPS
  • Remote configuration of logging and reporting intervals and input settings
  • We design and build these products so please talk to us if you need a custom solution


ITU Mini