Harvest Portable Traffic Lights

The Harvest Portable Traffic Lights are designed to be quick & effortless to set up & operate as a direct replacement for Stop/Go paddles. For most work sites a single operator can be positioned in the centre of the site, away from traffic & other hazards, generally in a more comfortable location improving job safety and satisfaction. Provided in rugged wheeled travel cases housing all chargers, stands and antennas there is nothing to go missing between jobs.

  • 30+ hours run time
  • NZTA Certified for site length up to 2km
  • Fits standard sign bases
  • In-built chargers in battery packs & controller
  • All activity and GPS location logged to our servers by inbuilt cellular modem for audit and remote diagnostics
  • Up to two sets can be used in an area, e.g. for use at 4 way intersections
  • Each kit includes 2x lights with poles, 2x battery boxes and 1x controller
  • New Zealand designed, built and supported