Extended Function Long Range Remote (XLR)

The Extended Long Range Remote (XLR) is a solar powered device that has inputs for various monitoring options and uses UHF radio to communicate with an ITU G2 base station. It has two relays to control pumps etc and could be configured as a weather station.

Key Features

  • Analog, digital, SDI-12 and temperature inputs for varying sensor and output types
  • Relay outputs for control solutions. Can be remote controlled by any smartphone
  • Typical range 2km
  • Optional repeater function (repeats other remotes back to ITU G2)
  • Stainless steel weatherproof enclosure and mounting
  • Solar or mains powered with backup battery

Typical Configurations

  • Installed at pump shed for monitoring of pump faults/signals, water meters, well or tank depth and control of the pump
  • Mounted on a travelling effluent irrigator to monitor pipe pressure, wheel speed, GPS for proof of placement, and provide automatic shutoff of pump in case of failure
  • Installed at a high point as a repeater with weather sensors attached

Technical Specifications

  • Solar or mains powered with backup battery
  • Four analog inputs with ranges of 2V, 10V, 40V, or 4-20mA
  • Four digital inputs with counting capability

  • SDI-12 input
  • Two excitation outputs. One programmable up to 15V. The other is fixed at 15V
  • Dallas 1-wire bus input for Harvest temp, humidity and barometric pressure sensors
  • Mains power or solar power with 12V SLA backup battery
  • One minute reporting to ITU
  • Two configurable latching relay outputs. Can be remote controlled by smartphone and/or internal logic script.
  • Dedicated input for mechanical wind sensors
  • Input for optional GPS
  • All settings can be remotely programmed by the Harvest Technical Support Centre
Extended Function Long Range Remote (XLR)