Our standalone solutions have been developed for remote monitoring on sites where a full Harvest System may not be required. All of these standalone packages utilise the mobile phone (cellular) network to provide real-time data via a smartphone app and the data portal, as well as text, voice call, or email alarms. Read about our more comprehensive and customisable solutions in the menu above.

Water Tank Monitor

Our standalone Water Tank Monitor provides real-time water tank levels via a pressure level sensor dropped into the tank. It uses solar power and the cellular phone network to transfer your data to your Harvest web page or app on your smartphone. Text, email, or voice call alarms can be set for the water level to help swiftly identify problems, protecting one of your most valuable resources.

See our brochure or contact us for more information. We can also monitor water tanks as part of our more comprehensive monitoring systems.

Water Meter Monitor/Telemetry

This standalone unit is designed to meet council regulations for logging and telemetry of water meters. It features inputs for up to two flow meters at one location, utilises solar power and the cellular network to transfer your data to your Harvest web page. From there we can set text, email or voice call alarms based on water usage (i.e. 90% of daily water allocation used), and automatic transfer of data to the council at regular intervals at your request.

See our brochure or contact us to discuss your irrigation setup. We can also monitor water meters as part of our more comprehensive monitoring systems.

Milk Vat Monitor

The Milk Vat Monitor is a standalone setup to help you keep a close eye on the milk cooling at your farm's dairy shed. Real-time milk vat data is available online as well as text/voice call/email alarms to help you ensure that you stay within the new MPI cooling regulations. The standalone package includes monitoring of vat temperature and both inlet and outlet taps, however we do offer additional sensors such as cooler plate in and out temperatures, milk vat level, etc.

Contact us for more information and pricing, or see our brochure here. We can also monitor milk vats and cooling systems as part of our more comprehensive monitoring systems.

Electric Fence Monitor

The standalone Electric Fence Monitor package provides a real-time voltage reading. It uses solar power and the cellular phone network to transfer data to your Harvest web page or app on your phone and provide voltage alarms via text, voice call, or email. See our brochure or contact us for more information and pricing.

The fence can also conenct to any third party logger with SDI-12 capability.

Our electric fence sensor can also be incorporated into our more comprehensive monitoring systems.

Grain Silo Monitor

The Harvest Feed Silo (grain bin) Monitor uses a laser sensor with an in house designed motorised shutter to prevent dust buildup on the laser.

It is a health and safety issue to climb up the silo to check levels. This is the safe way to see your silo level - with online level data available via our smartphone app and web page. Customisable level alarms will improve both the safety and efficiency of your operation and help you re-order on time.

The grain silo monitor can be connected to a Harvest logger or used to send data to any SDI-12 capable logger.

Contact us for more information and pricing. We can also monitor grain silos as part of our more comprehensive monitoring systems.

Soil Moisture Monitor

The standalone Soil Moisture Monitor is a low-cost alternative to our complete weather stations, for monitoring soil moisture and temperature at one location. Typically the Acclima sensors are installed at two depths to provide multi-level readings.

Read more about the sensors we use here  or contact us for more information. We can also monitor soil moisture as part of our more comprehensive monitoring systems.

Portable Wind Monitor

The Harvest Portable Wind Monitor is a solar powered ITU Mini equipped with an ultrasonic wind sensor and air temperature/relative humidity sensor. The unit features a durable plastic weatherproof enclosure, three large magnets for quick and stable mounting on the roof of a vehicle, and a rugged carry case for easy transportation. This is being used by topdressing pilots to provide live data which helps them decide when to fly. There is also a satellite version available for use in locations where there is likely to be no cell coverage.

See our brochure or contact us for more info.