ITU Micro

The Harvest ITU Micro is an ultra low powered data logger with a built in cellular phone modem, designed to provide remote monitoring and alerts in a range of low-cost standalone packages. All data is viewable via our web app for smartphones and the live data portal.

Key Features

  • Harvest designed logger with integrated cellular modem
  • Replaces the ITU Nano
  • Range of input types for varying sensor types
  • Global SIM card and tri band cellular antenna
  • Durable ABS plastic weather proof enclosure
  • Solar powered with backup battery
  • Built in OLED display for setup and diagnostics

Example Configurations

Technical Specifications

  • Two analog inputs with ranges of 2V, 10V, 40V, or 4-20mA
  • Two digital inputs with counting capability
  • SDI-12 port
  • One 15VDC excitation output
  • One Dallas 1-wire bus (temperature) input
ITU Micro