Short Range Remote (SRR3)

The Short Range Remote (SRR) Version 3 has inputs for temperature sensors and a digital input for flowmeter pulse or other digital signals. It has a UHF radio to communicate with an ITU G2 base station. The SRR is often used to create a network of wireless temperature sensors for frost alarms. It is powered by two D cells which last five years

Key Features

  • Input for temperature sensor
  • Input for a single water meter
  • Typical max range of 400-500m
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Two D cell alkaline batteries last five years

Typical Configurations

  • Placed in various blocks around an orchard or vineyard to create a map of air temperatures for frost alarm purposes
  • At pump shed for monitoring of water meter
Short Range Remote (SRR3)