Automated Weather Stations (AWS)

The Harvest System is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that can be configured as an Automated Weather Station (AWS) ranging from high end meteorological grade systems for industrial applications, operating on the Iridium satellite network, to entry level systems for horticultural applications, operating on a 3G or 4G cellular phone network. All our AWS offerings are designed to be totally standalone utilising solar power. The live data can be viewed on a webpage using any computer or smartphone.

Meteorological Grade

Harvest offers a range of high end sensors for meteorological grade performance on our weather stations. Combining these sensors with our ITU G2's stainless steel enclosure and optional mast ensures this solution will provide high quality environmental data and operate accurately and reliably in remote or rugged locations. These units can also be configured to operate on the Iridium satellite network for sites where cellular connection is not possible.

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Standard Weather Stations

Harvest have many options that can be configured to your requirements and budget for applications that don't require met-grade performance. Our ITU G2 can be used to support a network of wireless sensors to collect data from around the site, while the ITU Mini is also a great option for smaller sites where no wireless sensors are required. Both systems support a range of hardwired sensors and outputs including weather, soil moisture, water meters, and water level sensors.

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Portable Wind Monitor

The Harvest Portable Wind Monitor is a solar powered ITU Mini equipped with an ultrasonic wind sensor and air temperature/relative humidity sensor. The unit features a durable plastic weatherproof enclosure, three large magnets for quick and stable mounting, and a rugged carry case for easy transportation. This is being used by topdressing pilots (crop dusting) to provide live data which helps them decide when to fly. There is also a satellite version available for locations where there is likely to be no cell coverage.

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