Vehicle Height Alarm

The Harvest Vehicle Height Alarm has been designed to protect your staff and assets by assisting drivers of tilting bed / tip trucks to keep within work site height limits. Setting an alarm height when entering the site allows drivers to keep focused on the job with peace of mind of an instant alarm should the tray be raised to an unsafe height.

Simple installation and setup minimizes downtime, combined with easy operation drivers are proficient in minutes. The highest point of the bed is clearly displayed on a touch screen in 0.1m increments and as a bar graph for at a glance operation. The height readout can also be advantageous for maintaining feed rates during spreading operations.

  • LCD touch screen with height display
  • Loud audible alarm when above set limit
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Simple installation and configuration with flexible mounting options
  • 12 - 24v compatible
  • 1.0m - 9.9m maximum raised height
  • Relay inside the controller that operates at alarm height