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Industrial Weather Stations

Industrial Weather Station
Vaisala WXT520
Industrial Weather Station
Vaisala WMT52 and
Hydrological Services TB6
Industrial Weather Station
10m Mast with
Hydrological Services TB4

  • Remote Operation The system is housed in a tough lockable stainless steel case with military style water protection. Power is supplied via a 10W solar panel charging a 7.2Ah gel cell. The systems come fully assembled and are desgned to be simply and quickly mounted on top of a length of 2" (60mm outside diameter) galvanised pipe. The system uses the Vodafone GSM/3G or Telecom XT(3G) networks in New Zealand, Telstra NextG in Australia, AT&T in USA and any GSM/3G network in other countries. For sites where cellular coverage is an issue an Iridium satelite version is available.
  • Online Data. All weather data is reported back to the Harvest website every hour although custom reporting intervals can be programmed. The data is then available for viewing via the internet as graphs or the raw data can be downloaded in CSV or XML format or pushed to your server. Dual redundant connections via fiber connection taking diverse paths ensure data is delivered to our 24hr monitored servers with standby generator backup. All data is backed up offsite and archived indefinitely.
  • Custom Setups. Custom reporting and logging intervals can also be arranged. Alarms can also be automatically sent by text (SMS), voice and email when certain conditions are met, eg. high rain intensity, high wind, low or high temperature.
  • Optional Back Office Server Normally weather data is reported back to the Harvest Web site where the data is processd and displayed. However if you want the weather stations to report directly to your own servers Harvest now offers a special version of their back end software to greatly simplify development of your own system.
  • Sensors. The industrial weather station(AWS) can be customised in terms of sensors. Most systems are supplied with either a Hydrological Services rain gauge and Vaisala mechanical wind speed and direction sensor or the all-in-one Vaisala sensor. More details on the WXT520 version can be found here.

    The system comes standard with temperature and humidity sensors. Listed below are the optional wind/rain sensors available through Harvest:

    • Wind Sensors
      • Tru Track split mechanical
      • Tru Track combined mechanical
      • Gill WindSonic ultrasonic
      • Decagon DS-2 ultrasonic
      • Vaisala WMS301 mechanical
      • Vaisala WMT52 ultrasonic
    • Rain Gauges
      • Davis 07852 0.2mm
      • Hydrological Services TB3\TB4\TB6 0.1/02mm
    • Soil Sensors
      • Decagon 10HS/5TM/5TE Probes
      • Aquaflex SI.99/Si.95 Probes
      • Sentek EasyAg Probe
      • Acclima TDT SDI-12 Probe
      • Digital Soil Temperature Probe
    • Other Sensors
      • Davis 6450 Solar Radiation Sensor
      • Apogee SP-215 Solar Radiation Sensor
      • Davis 6490 UV Radiation Sensor
      • Decagon Dialectric Leaf Wetness Sensor
      • Digital Water Temperature Probe
      • Road Surface Temperature Sensor
      • PMC VL Series Titanium Submersible Pressure sensors
      • Banner Ultrasoinc Sensors
      • Greenspan EC250 Conductivity Probe
      • Zebra-Tech D-Opto Dissolved Oxygen Probe
  • Other Sensors. The Harvest Industrial Weather System can also double as a monitor for other sensors such as pressure transducers, float switches, ultrasonic level sensors, flow meters, proximity sensors, conductivity/salinity sensors, altimeters and much more. For more details on the capabilities of the system or for formal quotes please don't hesitate to contact us.