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Manhole Antenna

This antenna was designed specifically for use with sewer and overflow monitoring units. Sites where the telemetry is underground, and often covered with a metal manhole, need an easily installable but effective above ground antenna. After much experimenting and testing the Harvest team came up with the following solution.

Key Features

  • Designed to fit any manhole lid (steel or concrete)
  • Only 17mm (11/16") high (similar height to most road markers)
  • Requires only a small 10mm (7/16) to be drilled through the manhole lid
  • Can be fitted in a few minutes with a cordless drill
  • 120mm (4.72) long stainless steel bolt protects cable during manhole opening
  • Includes a quick disconnect connector in the coax cable lead for easy opening of the manhole lid
  • Includes 1200mm long (48) cable with SMA connector
  • Works on GSM, 3G or CDMA networks
  • Very rugged, made from urethane - will withstand full city traffic including turning trucks

PVC Manhole Antenna PVC Manhole Antenna
Installation Diagram Antenna Mounting