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Harvest Roadside Weather Station

The Harvest Roadside Weather Stations are based on the range of Industrial Weather Stations. The systems reports data online and can generate automated alarms or warnings for situations like: low or high road temperature, high rainfall or high wind speeds.

Roadside Weather Station Roadside Weather Station Roadside Weather Station

Key Features

  • No phone line or power needed
  • Solar powered battery supply
  • Onboard cellphone using GPRS/3G technology
  • Durable and weatherproof lockable stainless steel casing
  • Optional vandal resistant pole mounting
  • Ability to monitor multiple sensors:
    • Air temperature
    • Dew point temperature
    • Road/seal temperature
    • Rain gauge
    • Wind speed/direction
    • Humidity
    • Solar radiation
    • Barometric pressure
    • UV Radiation

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