Active Systems: 2778
Active Wireless Remotes: 4032
Total Active IOT Devices: 6779

ITU Applications

ITU for Industrial Monitoring ITU for Industrial Monitoring ITU for Industrial Monitoring ITU for Industrial Monitoring

The ITU (Industrial Temetry Unit) is the backbone of most Harvest products. The ITU is available as a standalone product or built into numerous Harvest products. Many customers such as some of the New Zealand regional councils use the ITU alongside Campbell Scientific loggers. The ITU is most commonly used for the following applications:

  • Industrial Telemetry Monitoring
    • Switchboards
    • Secure computer rooms
    • Backup alarm interface
  • Flow Meter Monitoring
    • Monitoring of 4-20mA output meters, hard wired or wireless
    • Monitoring of pulse ouput meters, hard wired or wireless
  • Stream Gauge Monitoring
    • Weir monitoring using ulstrasonic sensors
    • Stream profiling using Sontek monitors
  • Weather Stations
    • Basic weather stations
    • Avanced weather stations (AWS) with industrial sensors
    • Frost alarms for vineyard and orchards
    • Roadside weather stations with road temperature sensors
    • Systems for NZ rail network monitoring track temperature and dragging equipment
  • Farm and Irrigation Monitoring
    All sensor monitoring available via wireless remotes (LRRs)
    • Well, bore and pond depth
    • Flow meters/water meters
    • Soil moisture and temperature
    • Weather conditions
    • Evapotranspiration calculations
    • Stream flow and/or depth
    • Dissolved Oxygen in streams
    • Effluent irrigator tracking and control
    • Milk vate level and temperature
  • Integration with third party loggers
    Current projects include:
    • Salinity monitoring on bouys
    • Dust monitoring with METONE and ThermoScientific gear
    • Blast gas/vibration monitoring
    • Environmental chamber monitoring
    • Flow and depth monitoring with ADS Flowsharks
    • Flow and depth monitoring with MACE
    • Flow and depth monitoring with Teledyne Isco accQmin
    • Interrogation of Campbell Scientific Loggers
  • Wastewater monitoring
    • Overflow sensors
    • Depth sensors using custom designed PMC right angle pressure sensors
    • Monitoring of third party loggers
    • Salinity and conductivity using Greenspan sensors

The ITU G2 with its 8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 4 switchable voltage outputs, built in solar charger, SDI-12 input, RS-232 input, dual latching relay ouptus, built in logic programming, GMS/3G/Iridium satellite connectivity, SD card log storage, and onboard LCD display mean that the ITU is ultra versatile. It is our aim to work torwards providing a custom solution to meet you or your customers custom requirements.

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