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Extended Long Range

Extended Long Range Extended Long Range

The Harvest Extended Long Range remote (XLR) is a companion device for the ITU G2 that allows wireless monitoring of a wide variety of sensors up to 2km away from the ITU G2. The XLR has a lot in common with the Long Range Remote but has an extended set of inputs.


  • Up to 2km range[1].
  • Four analog inputs with ranges of 2V, 10V, 40V, or 4-20mA.
  • Four digital inputs with counting capability and programmable edge filtering.
  • Two configurable excitation outputs. One output is programmable voltage up to 15V and the other is a fixed 15V.
  • One Dallas 1-wire bus input.
  • DC or solar power option with 12V SLA backup battery.
  • Thirty second reporting to ITU.
  • Two configurable relay outputs.
  • Dedicated input for wind sensors.
  • Input for optional GPS for movable devices.
  • SDI-12 data recorder capability.

1. The 2km range is based on the distance that we have found to give reliable operation across flat horticultural properties. It is common practice for suppliers of radio equipment to specify a line of sight range but we believe this leads to unrealistic expectations since most installations aren't quite line of sight.