Extended Long Range Remote (XLR)

The Extended Long Range Remote (XLR) is a solar powered device that has a large number of inputs for various monitoring options and uses UHF radio to communicate with an ITU G2 base station.

Key Features

  • Large number of input types for varying sensor and output types
  • Relay outputs for control solutions
  • Typical max range of 2km line of sight
  • Optional repeater function (repeats other remotes back to ITU G2)
  • Stainless steel weatherproof enclosure and mounting
  • Solar or mains powered with backup battery

Typical Configurations

  • Installed at pump shed for monitoring of pump faults/signals, water meters, and control of the pump
  • Mounted on a travelling effluent irrigator to monitor pipe pressure, wheel speed, GPS for proof of placement, and provide automatic shutoff of pump in case of failure
  • Installed at a high point as a repeater with weather sensors attached
Extended Long Range Remote (XLR)