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Effluent Failsafe and GPS Tracking

Harvest offers a reliable solution to track your irrigators, while combining real time control over your pump via PC or Smartphone. The system transmits back to your Harvest ITU G2 System and presents the data on Google Maps.

The system can be wired to control the irrigator pump, including starting the pump at the irrigator or from a web interface accessible via PC or Smartphone (shown below).
The web interface provides real time feedback of the relay status, the location of the irrigator and the speed it is travelling.
Harvest Tracking and Remote Control Harvest Tracking and Remote Control Harvest Smartphone Control


  • Start and stop pump from irrigator control box
  • Monitor GPS tracking and history via the internet
  • Start and stop pump via the internet using a PC or smartphone
  • Irrigator automatically stops pumps when irrigator reaches end of run or stops early for some reason
  • Solar powered with large storage battery


  • Travelling and pod based effluent irrigators
    Can be coupled with soil moisture monitoring to prevent effluent dispersal when soil is waterlogged.
  • Centre pivot irrigators
  • Lateral irrigators
  • Remote pump control
  • Portable pumping systems

Note: if you already own a Harvest ITU G2 System then this product will integrate with your existing system.

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